A React Native library to run commands over SSH

For my React Native app Hooks, I wrote some native Android code to enable the running of arbitrary commands over SSH.

I've now added the iOS side, and after some refactoring, the SSH code for both platforms is now its own library: react-native-ssh.

There are no tests and it's very light on the error handling. But I figured I'd put it out there for others to use and/or improve upon.

Native dependency pains

Gradle (the Android build system) lets you specify dependencies from Maven (Java's package repository). This meant that including the Android SSH library I needed was a single line. Nice and easy.

Installing third-party dependencies on the iOS side of things is a pain, though. First, a disclaimer: I'm by no means an iOS developer, and have only dealt with XCode and CocoaPods a handful of times.

I first tried to make my library a pod to be installed via CocoaPods, which would allow it to have its own dependencies. However, there are two problems with installing a React Native library as a pod:

  • it has to list React as one of its dependencies, which is deprecated
  • it's incompatible with react-native link which links your iOS library for you, and would result in duplicate libraries in XCode

After this didn't work, I decided to go with the manual installation methods listed by a few other libraries (specifically react-native-lock, thanks auth0). So as it stands, after npm-installing react-native-ssh, you have to:

  • run react-native link to include the library
  • install NMSSH to your own app via CocoaPods
  • update RNSSH's Header Search Paths (react-native-ssh's name in XCode) to include your Pods headers

Perhaps I missed something, but if I haven't, this is definitely something to be addressed for React Native.

Get it while it's hot

react-native-ssh is on GitHub and npm.

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